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Bestseller of Tracy Chevalier "Girl With a Pearl Earring".Johannes Vermeer is a famous painter who lived from 1632 till 1675. He is together with Rembrand van Rijn and Frans Hals the most important painter if the Golden Age of the Netherlands. He is born in Delft and lived and worked all his life in Delft. He is buried in the Old Church in Delft and a stone is marking the place of his grave.

Tracy Chevalier has written a novel about the magnificent painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring" in 1999.This painting belongs to the top of the world. You can admire it  in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. It is not just a portrait of a girl, but it has an air of mystic. The novel has the same title and tells the story about the girl. The story is fiction, but Tracy has made a lovely and relaxing book. It also is giving a truthful description of the life in Delft in the seventeenth century.

Aanbeveling van Tracy Chevalier aan een van de rondleiders.The book filmed in a wonderful way. Delft is however not what you see in the film. Just one day shooting at location and the rest was filmed in a studio in Luxemburg. The canals in the film does not like the real ones. Do you want to feel how it really is? Do you want to walk in the places Griet was walking? Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Johannes Vermeer? Come to Delft and let us show you around. Contact us and let us assemble a conducted tour according to your wishes interests.

Your guide has definitely not met Johannes Vermeer, but maybe Tracy Chevalier.

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